Residential Painting Services

PaintGuru is a highly trained painting company that understands the epic importance of ensuring your home looks both comfortable and inviting.

A well-done exterior paint job does more than just improve the aesthetics and value of your home. It also better protects your home from all weather conditions. Likewise, a quality interior paint job provides you with a more contemporary look that better fits in with your furnishings.

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Paint represents the most cost effective means by which to enhance your home with minimal interference and disruption. More importantly, our team of skilled painters at PaintGuru possesses the professionalism, skills and sensibility to carry out the job quickly and effectively. This means you wind up with a significantly enhanced home — all for prices that dwarf what you would pay for other forms of home improvement.

Preparation of Interior Painting

Stage 1

  • Masking

    The necessary masking for painting a ceiling requires covering all areas that are exposed to paint, sanding dust, or any other paint related substance. Brushing and rolling paint only requires enough masking to cover areas affected by paint drips and roller splatter. Spray painting requires the thorough masking and covering of all areas vulnerable to paint over spray.

Stage 2

  • Surface Preparation

    Use a paint scrapper, a putty knife or a sand paper to remove loose particles or flakes and ensure that the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease etc. For lime wash coated walls it is suggested that you scrape it off using a Paint Scrapper or even sand paper. For oil-base painted walls you can remove the gloss by sanding as well. Ensure that all flaking paint is also removed and what paint is left adheres tightly to the wall.

Stage 3

  • Primer

    Primers help provide a smooth surface, making the surface less absorbent, thus increasing the spreading capacity of the paint.

  • Putty

    Wall putty should be applied to walls after first primer coat has dried. It will fill in minor cracks and surface imperfections, and provide a protective sub-layer for the expensive paint.

  • Paint and Wall Designs

    Generally two coats of finish coat are required to get the desired finish and colour. It is important that each coat must be completely dry before the application of next one.