Epoxy Flooring Companies in Dubai

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Why hire PaintGuru.ae for epoxy coating in Dubai ?

PaintGuru uses a mixture of resin and hardener that when combined together chemically it reacts to form a rigid material. As a professional epoxy coating company in Dubai we always recommend Epoxy flooring to be used as a coating over concrete floors which are porus, anti-shock and rough resistant. Epoxy can withstand rugged wear and tear in industrial environment. It is slip-resistant, which is ideal for commercial & retail outlet uses.

We provide high performance epoxy solutions in a variety of settings that include the following:

  • Manufacturing & Production Areas
  • Warehouses Distribution Floors & Aisles
  • Car Dealerships & Truck Service Bays
  • Parking Garages & Decks
  • Battery Charging Areas
  • Car Dealerships & Truck Service Bays
  • Electronic Floor Systems
  • Biotech Labs & Clean Rooms
  • Auto Racing & Performance Centers
  • Aerospace & Hangar Floors
  • Commercial, Residential & Retail

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Epoxy coating in Dubai is perfect for commercial and retail flooring as it offers durability which is an asset but especially with various colors and patterns makes it look beautiful.

Mostly shopping centers, hotels, and offices have a lot of foot traffic that requires wear-resistant flooring. A diverse customer base of youngsters, kids, elderly, and wheelchair-bound citizens is also a concern. Therefore flooring in a commercial space needs to be not only durable but safe to prevent falls.

PaintGuru offers Epoxy installation which is scratch-resistant and most importantly with a slip-resistant texture to improve the safety of people. With epoxy flooring, it creates an ambient look and also it requires minimal cleaning and other maintenance.

Advantages of epoxy floor

When you choose PaintGuru Epoxy Flooring Installer you are contracting with a Professional company. This means you will receive superior customer service. We will help you through the design process all the way to the final installation. It is important for us that every client is completely satisfied.

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