Industrial Painting Services

PaintGuru Painters are highly trained, skilled and experienced industrial painting contractors who have been providing industrial painting services to the business owners !

Our entire staff of PaintGuru painters have been thoroughly trained and educated in all aspects of industrial painting. The training consists of mixing of special coatings, the different types of application techniques, the correct coatings to use for various substrates, working and applying coatings in various temperatures and the exact safety precautions to take when working with various coatings.

We are currently the painting contractor for many industrial companies. Our body of work speaks for itself

Our specialists will work directly with you to piece together the perfect design plan for your particular business. Keep in mind that we are able to handle all commercial painting tasks, be it faux finishes, power washing, elastomeric coatings, lead removal, specialty coatings, sprayings, wall coverings and of course painting. All you need to do is give us a ring!

Industrial Painting

What Paints & Materials Do We Work With?

  • We are adept at handling a wide assortment of high-quality Jotun and National Industrial-grade paints and materials. We will make certain we pick the ones that will provide your equipment and structures with the maximum in lifespan and cost effectiveness.

Why Should Industrial Painting Be Taken Seriously?

  • Industrial painting should not be taken lightly. It serves an essential function to an industrial building by protecting both its and its machinery from the abuse caused by endless traffic. It also beautifies your building and equipment so that they look sheen. With that said, our goal at PaintGuru isn’t to just make your factory and its equipment look aesthetically beautiful. It’s also to better protect your industrial environment using our high-performance paints and Coatings. These paints and coatings are specifically designed to protect your expensive equipment to make sure they don’t suffer unnecessary damage.

Why Choose Us for Industrial Painting ?

  • Our experience gives us the knowledge needed to quickly identify what types of paints and coatings will work best with the type of industrial environment you maintain. In fact, we are prepared to deal with all types of industrial environments & equipment