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A Real Smart Home Dubai solution is the way of connecting devices and appliances in your house together and providing control over them. This home automation technology allows you to control your home from anywhere and decide how and when which device should react. These smart home solutions Products are Made in Europe and picked based on reliability, efficiency, flexibility and feedback from our clients.

A Real Smart Home Dubai not only allows you to wirelessly control features such as security, lighting, motorized shades, and audio-visual systems, but our smart home automation dubai system also allows you to program how your home should adjust to your needs. With smart home automation Dubai, you can control your home from anywhere in the world with just a tap.

Our intelligent home solution is controlled and usable in every villa and every apartment. A flexible and easy-to-use smart home system. A Real Smart Home Dubai is a full-service home technology integrator specializing in the design, installation and service of smart home Dubai solutions for residential and commercial clients. Our Typical home automation dubai installations include lighting control, multi-room audio & video, access control, motorized window treatments, wired and wireless networks, as well as integration of gates, pools, security systems, HVAC and more.

smart home automation dubai

A Real Smart Home Comfort Dubai

You can Control TV, lights, music, shades, and HVAC systems right from your Phone, Tablet and Amazon Alexa. Our Comfort Home Automation Dubai can make you Set a schedule and integrate your routine so next time you dont have to do daily tasks. Clients love how much time and money they save with our smart home automation systems

When the alarm rings, the light in the bedroom is turned on, simulating the sunrise for a gentle awakening. The blinds are automatically raised and allow additional daylight in your bedroom, so you can fully start the day.

A Real Smart Home Dubai Security is designed very seriously. Our Solution is designed not only when you are away but infact when you are at home with your family. We instantly notify you when a door or window has been opened. Motion sensors, Smoke Sensors, Water Leakage sensors keep your Home and Life secure from smoke, fire, flood and carbon monoxide.

smart home automation dubai

You will be surprised to know how much control you can have over the interior and exterior of your villa and of your apartment.We want Smart Home for everyone!Our Mission is, Whether villa or apartment - A Real Smart Home Dubai solutions makes home comfortable, safe and energy efficient.

Even the best of explanations can’t do it justice! Many smart home automation company in Dubai today claim to automate your home but most only focus on one or two isolated systems. A real smart home should take care of itself and your family automatically.

With one local “brain” your home looks after all systems cohesively, and everything is done on-site without internet any security risks.

smart home automation dubai

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